You have a role and a post that must be filled!

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This past weekend in our continuing study of Nehemiah, we focused on something so important that I want to reiterate a couple of things as an encouragement and as a reminder.

1) God has intended that our awareness of His presence be central to everything in our lives.

Our lives function and flow the best when we “acknowledge Him in all our ways” because then He will “direct our paths.”
Thus, He designed that first Worship Community (the nation of Israel) with theTabernacle in the middle and all of the people encamped around it.
Wherever they went, whatever they did, God wasn’t just an appendage to their lives and wasn’t simply inthe center of the nation – God was the center of their nation.

While that is a wonderful recipe for a successful nation, it is also of utmost importance in our personal lives.

2) Every person has a post.

(Begin quick review of Neh. 6.)
If you recall from our Nehemiah chapter 6 teaching “Should a man such as I flee?”, there were personal threats of mortal attack on him as well as multiple temptations for him to abandon his post (as the leader of the wall-building project) to go defend his personal honor and to combat lies that were being circulated about him and his intentions.
His response is key “Should a man such as I flee?”.. In other words, he would not not misuse the grace of God to defend to protect his flesh.

The bottom line in Chapter 6 was that, even though tempted to leave his post in several ways, he did not leave his post.
(End quick review)

Back to chapter 7

The focus here changes from Nehemiah’s post to all of the posts that were created by finishing the wall and thus the city. Nehemiah cannot fulfill all of the roles, thus the inhabitants of the city were needed to discover and step in to those posts.

The Lord puts it in Nehemiah’s heart to assemble all of the people and to register them according to their genealogies (in other words… “Who’s your daddy?!” )

Why would he do this? Because God, while personal and intimate with us individually, has a much wider lens that we typically do when looking at life… He sees things generationally.

He calls families to tasks.

For example: The sons of Levi (starting with Moses and Aaron, and all of their sons perpetually) were the stock from which were selected the priests who ministered to God in the Tabernacle.

In obedience to God, Nehemiah assembled all of the families who were there repopulating and “restarting” the life and full operation of the city of Jerusalem.

In my opinion, he did this so that the people could identify with what family there were descended from. In knowing their ancestry, they could know what their own posts & roles should be with regards to the full operation of the temple and of the community surrounding the presence of God – the Worship Community of Nehemiah’s day.

Every person had a role and a God-given calling to be an integral part of the every-day life of worship in the city.

Here is the bottom line for us today in 2015, in Culture Shift Celebration Centre & throughout the Body of Christ:
As the Lord finishes our wall and our gates, every single one of us has a post to fill because every person who has given their heart and life to Jesus has been made a priest.

Everyone. (Not just the “sons of Levi”.)

We each have a post waiting for us.

That’s why God gave us the Holy Spirit who works in each of us differently to accomplish the various necessary ministries in our local congregation as well as the larger Body of Christ.

Don’t be tempted to delay stepping in to your post – otherwise it will be vacant!

If you don’t know what the Holy Spirit wants to do in you and through you, then Click here to take the Spiritual Gifts test that we all took this past week to get an idea! (It is at the bottom of the page, after the sermon notes.)

Know, Grow and Flow in what God has called you to do!





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