Our Journey So Far…


Every Body Has A History

Here is a bit of ours.

We are a young church with AMAZING GOD and we are incredibly excited about the plans He has for us to impact the city of Fairbanks and the outlying regions!

A few years ago, we met our Apostle, Murray Watkinson and his wife Nancy. At the time, we had no idea what the Lord had in store, but we knew the Lord brought us together for a reason. Several months after we met, the Lord began to birth a church around us. We chose to obey the call of the Lord and step into His plans for us, not knowing what it would all look like. Shortly after that, we felt the Lord strongly impress on us the importance of Spiritual covering. We have seen the blessings of churches that are under cover compared to those that are not. Because we believe Spiritual Covering is a part of God’s pattern, we approached Murray and asked about joining the Celebration Centre family of churches under his covering. At that time, Murray and Nancy were giving oversight to 43 churches all over the world! Murray felt the Lord’s confirmation about us being under his covering and adopted us into their spiritual family.

Since that time, we have had many encounters where Murray has given us counsel and direction. It has been an amazing blessing to know that we are lining up with God’s divine order and we are ever grateful for the covering the Lord has provided our immediate family as well as our extended church family and we’re filled with confidence that this is God’s plan for us.


Nathan and Kristi Stogsdill

Founding Pastors of Culture Shift Celebration Centre

Murray and Nancy Watkinson

Founding pastors of Celebration Church, Christchurch, N.Z.


A Prophetic Journey

A few more details...

In 2011 I, Kristi, received a prophetic word that was quite profound. As the word was given, simultaneously I had vivid pictures that went with each of the 3 parts along with corresponding understanding.

The word came in a series of 3 questions:

The First: Will you follow me when the path is incredibly difficult?

Immediately I saw a picture of a craggy, winding, narrow pathway up and around the side of a tall mountain. It was dark and dreary and the way seemed impossible, but we choose to begin the ascent to cross that mountain that was standing between us and our destiny.

Then the next question: Will you follow me when it doesn't make sense?

Instantly we were on the other side of the incredibly difficult mountain path and right up to the ocean. I knew we had to cross, but we had no idea how it was going to work....we had no boat, no floatation device, but were compelled by the Lord to step into the water. So we choose to follow.

Then the final question: Will you follow when you can't see the way?

At this point we had crossed the ocean and immediately found ourselves in the midst of a MASSIVE field of some kind. The crop was so tall that we couldn't see anything in front of us except stalks. We heard the call to come when we couldn't see the way.....literally we couldn't see in front of us, but we continued with our “yes”. As we got to the middle there was an open area and when we turned around, we realized that we were standing in the middle of a wheat field.

With each question came a seemingly impossible situation, but each part of the journey was intended as a step toward the destiny of an incredible harvest of souls.

Over the years I can honestly say that we have been over that difficult mountain, we've jumped in the water and quite literally crossed that ocean twice in our attempt to follow the call of God. So may times it has seemed impossible.

Today I believe we have entered the last phase and are walking where we haven't been able to see much in front of us....but we are coming into the open field area and nearing the harvest that was promised so long ago.

We desire for our heart posture to always be “YES” when the Lord asks if we will follow. We will relentlessly pursue for His promises are better than any difficulty! We look forward with GREAT EXPECTATION for the Harvest the Lord has promised.

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